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Which states beat Massachusetts for best pizza state in the country? 

Everybody loves pizza, and everyone loves their home state. So which home-state has the best pizza?  


“Food & Wine” magazine just put out a list where they ranked the 10 best pizza states in the U.S., and number one might be an upset:  They went with New Jersey.


Why?  Quote, “Imagine what New York’s pizza culture might look like, forced to exist outside of the spotlight . . . mostly serving a very local clientele that will have no trouble holding them accountable.”



In other words, people in New Jersey telling the pizza shops, “Whaddya think you’re doin’ ova here wit dis” while they wave their hands around wildly led the pizza shops to perfect their unique recipes.


Here are the rankings for the top 10 pizza states:  New Jersey . . . Connecticut . . . New York . . . Illinois . . . Michigan . . . California . . . Pennsylvania . . . Massachusetts . . . Ohio . . . and Missouri.



Does anyone need to be told this about Mcdonald’s? 


Don’t talk to me about nutrition right after I’ve ordered a 2,000-calorie meal from McDonald’s.  You’ll just make me hangrier.



A woman on TikTok posted a video after she ordered some McDonald’s delivery . . . and found a flyer in the bag for the WEIGHT LOSS company Herbalife.  It said “Discover Good Nutrition” and to quote, “Join the Club.”

No Title

No Description


A rep for McDonald’s says they didn’t put it in there . . . because why would they?  But there was a name and contact number.  So it sounds like the DoorDash driver who brought it might be working for Herbalife on the side. 



McDonald’s is still looking into it. 


Two out of three people on this show skip breakfast every morning


Even with more people than ever working right next to their kitchens, we STILL can’t find a way to squeeze in breakfast.  A new survey asked adults how often they skip breakfast . . . and one in four people say they skip it at least FOUR times a week.



The main reasons people skip breakfast are:  They don’t have time . . . there’s nothing in the house they want to eat . . . and they get caught up doing other things.



The survey also asked people what time they run out of energy in the mornings when they skip breakfast.  And the average time is 10:26 A.M.