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Meet Alyson Tracy from Plymouth, New Hampshire

Strength, perseverance, fervor, tenderness, and large dash of sass.

These are the transparent ingredients into making music, for Alyson Tracy. But there is so much more to Alyson than her music. There’s her mission; a mission to heal, to lift up, to motivate, to inspire. And this singer/songwriter accomplishes exactly that with her song, “Stronger.” Alyson’s powerful, raspy vocals add texture to her message, and she delivers with the passion and persuasion of a seasoned professional.

What has made the New Hampshire mother and Chakra Doctor stronger is her journey. This award winning performer started her country music journey years ago with her band Freedom Reins, headling area festivals and traveling to Nashville, where she was showcased at Tootsies Orchid Lounge. She took a break from the business for a while, but is back stronger than ever.

Alyson got to work with well known Nashville producer and writer, Mark Oliverius on this collection of songs and the music video. Her passion for the project kept her afloat during the pandemic. She has re-released the album and is fired-up to share her story, and her songs.


“Stronger” is the title track from Alyson’s 11 track album. She found her way to this song and found her strength from dreaming big dreams and speaking out.

“On January 1st, 2019 Alyson shared her story through song as part of her own healing process. She shared a video that she had recorded that tells a story of her childhood. One that millions of others who suffered childhood traumas can relate to. As a result of the support she received from other victims & survivors for speaking out, in particular the Facebook Blog “Little girl speak” she decided that she wanted to record it professionally along with a couple of others and begin a healing campaign. A campaign that would inspire others to find their inner strength and never give up on their dreams!
In August of 2019, Alyson reached out to a longtime friend and well-known Nashville Producer, Mark Oliverius. Alyson asked for his help with recording some songs for her healing campaign. She told him what she planned to do, that she had no money to do it and that she wanted to schedule a recording session for the fall because she knew in her heart that one way or another the money would be there for her. That’s a lot to ask of a successful and busy producer whose time is precious, friend or not! Alyson is a dreamer and Mark knew it. He also knew that she gave up her country music career years ago and essentially vanished from the music scene entirely. Instead of shooting her down, he saw her vision and made her dream attainable.”

Take a listen to “Stronger” here:


A pandemic didn’t stop Alyson from releasing her album, or recording a music video in Nashville for the title track.


Alyson Answers

Grew up in: Nashua, New Hampshire

Now lives in: Plymouth, New Hampshire

Current single, and or EP or Album: Current 11 Track Album, Stronger. Single: (title track) “Stronger”

What lead you to music: My soul.

How old when you started: I began singing as a young child however competitive gymnastics quickly became my world so I only began singing professionally when I was 27 years old. Since then, my love of music has never waivered. In 2019, I was inspired to begin performing live again which is my truest passion. I love connecting with people through music and killer songs! 

How would you describe your sound: Lyrics that shoot you straight with raw emotion and relatability along with today’s country rock and pop edge mixed up with a few honky tonk vibes & an old school country soul.

Who inspires you: My children and my Momma

Awards/accolades: Former NHCMA Rising Star Female Entertainer of the Year. Showcased at Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Nashville, TN.

Dream duet partner: Miranda Lambert

All- time favorite country songs

You Ain’t Woman Enough-Loretta Lynn

Behind Closed Doors-Charlie Rich 

Three Wooden Crosses-Randy Travis

How Do You Like Me Now-Toby Keith

Work Hard Play Harder- Gretchen Wilson

Pour Me-Trick Pony


Tin Man-Miranda Lambert

Before He Cheats-Carrie Underwood

The Truth-Jason Aldean

Comeback Song-Darius Rucker

If I Could Kill A Word- Eric Church

Martha Divine-Ashley McBryde

Hurt- Johnny Cash

(clearly I had a difficult time with this tough question, lol)

First country concert: George Strait Festival

What songs do you like now on Country 1025: Settling Down, Next Girl, Hell and Back, Things A Man Outta Know, What’s Your Country Song, Forever After All, Made For You, One of Them Girls, Blame It On You, My Boy

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: Writing books and screenplays about my rollercoaster ride of a life, lol! 

Day Job: Chakra Doctor

Most proud moment: My children Casey & Cody give me proud moments on the regular as I watch their accomplishments while beaming with pride over the amazing young adults that they have become. 

Crazy thing that happened in your music career: I fell in love with a rough cut and subsequently recorded for this album recorded a song called $20 Bet which was written by Keith Burns from Trick Pony…and Trick Pony is THE band that ignited my my desire to sing and perform country music!

Other things you like to do: Kayaking, Lazy River Tubing, Camping, Working with Metaphysical Energy, Spending time with my family & friends eating good food, chilling around a campfire or tearing it up together at a karaoke bar.

Fun facts: I grew up as a child in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I am a Certified Reiki Master. I am one hell of a good frog & turtle catcher.

Mantra: Expect nothing and appreciate everything!



  • Hosting  ATM Crossroads – Thursday nights this summer on The Band Wagon Stage at Big Daddy Joe’s in Plymouth, NH where I can be seen singing songs from my album Stronger and I also have the privilege of introducing new local talent! The show is sponsored by Big Daddy Joe’s and Coors Light, and is a collaboration intended to showcase local talent and support live music venues affected by the pandemic.
  • Guest appearances- Throughout New England this summer with The Rory Scott Band- including the upcoming Brantley Gilbert Concert at The Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, NH.

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