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Meet James Hewitt, from Upton and Uxbridge

You’ve heard that the family who plays together, stays together. In the Hewitt family, there was a lot of playing…karaoke. All that singing in the living room burned a fire in the belly of James Hewitt. He wanted a bigger stage, his own songs and an actual audience. But had it not been for those karaoke moments with his parents, singing Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, and Dierks Bentley, there may not have been, “What Mothers Do.” That is the name of James’ new song, a tribute to his mom, and all mothers.

Winning karaoke contests inspired James to reach higher. Before long he was joining friends, like Tim Buono, on stage. Tim is another Local Catch spotlight artist. Once Hewitt started putting his own feelings and thoughts to his own music, there was no stopping him. You can catch James out and about doing his songs and covers this summer.

James Hewitt’s robust vocals ebb and flow with the mood of his songs. This singer/songwriter is clearly attached to his  songs, and is able to passionately deliver them. Whether he is rocking out or tenderly conveying his message, James has learned to establish a deep connection with his audience through his own music.


James’ New Jam

“This song practically wrote itself. Im 27 years old and my mom still tells me to wear a jacket if its cold outside or say you’re prayers before bed and all the other things mothers say to their children. I always have the typical response of “I know mom, i know!”, and my mom will always respond with “ I know you know, but I’m going to tell you anyways because I’m your mother, And that’s what mothers do!“ always that response every time!
The song is also somewhat of a tribute to my grandmother. My mom and my aunt have been taking care of my grandmother for probably 4-5 years now, dealing with symptoms of dementia. I seen how tough its been for them when your own mother doesn’t know your their own kid. That where the 3rd verse line comes from. My mom always tell me that when shes older and if she ever forgets who i am to know she will always love me in her heart.
So i wrote this song for my mom and had the opportunity to record it in Nashville then i released it this past Mothers Day as a gift for her!
Ps. This also goes out to my Aunt Mary who is a mother and my godmother! The cover art for this single is her as a baby with my grandmother!”

“What Mother’s Do”



A Bit of Hewitt

  • From: Uxbridge MA
  • Grew up in: Upton MA
  • Now lives in: Uxbridge
  • Current single: “What Mothers Do”
  • What lead you to music: Karaoke!
  • How old when you started: about 16/17First country song you learned: First karaoke song i ever sang was Bullets in the Gun by Toby Keith
  • Instruments played: Mainly just a vocalist but i can decently play guitar and bass and a little harmonica.
  • How would you describe your sound: ive had some people compare some of my last songs to Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean
  • Who inspires you: Id say a lot of my sound inspiration comes from guys like Toby Keith or Brantley Gilbert but performance wise, would be Freddie Mercury, best frontman the world has ever scene regardless of music genre!
  • If you are a band, how did you get your name: I am in a Rock Band called The 45 but my country music is just a self passion project for me! Grew up on country music!
  • Awards/accolades: Pinz Karaoke champ 2015 thank ya very much!
  • Dream duet partner: TIM BUONO!!!!
  • All- time favorite country song: (or songs if you can’t name just one): “way out here” by Josh Thompson “Red Dirt Road” Brooks & Dunn “its a great day to be alive” Travis Tritt. That’s just a few but so many more
  • First country concert: Kenny Chesney county fest
  • What songs do you like now on Country 102.5: anything Kenny Chesney or Brothers Osbourne gets me to crank it up
  • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: probably just construction!!
  • Day Job (if applicable): construction worker
  • Most proud moment: i have a lot to choose from, this time would probably be just getting my name and music on the radio! Not something i ever imagined to be possible growing up
  • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: old band of mine was playing to loud in a restaurant we were hired to play at so they canceled our show after 2 songs. (Just poor communication on booking process, it is what it is) but we still wanted to play , so we set up on the sidewalk outside and played for the whole city of Worcester for about 4 hours. A lot of the crowd were homeless and they had a great time!!
  • Other things you like to do: if im not playing a show im usually attending a show
  • Fun facts:  I’m an unapologetic super nerd when it comes to anything Star Wars/Marvel/DC or LOTR


James Live

8/19: Off The Rails in Worcester

8/26: Uno’s in Bellingham

8/27: Pepperoncini’s in Milford

All gigs are with Tim Buono as out “Tim & Jim” Duo

Hewitt on the Net 


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