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Meet Whitney Doucet from Fitchburg

You may have seen her performing the National Anthem at a Red Sox game, or Patriots game. You might have caught her rocking out on stage while fronting her band, Moonshine, in a club around town. When Whitney Doucet isn’t performing around New England, she is likely writing a new song, teaching vocal lessons, or enjoying the great outdoors with her new husband. Whitney was married this past September, and her love story inspired her latest composition.

Doucet has the ability to veer from lane to lane seamlessly; moving from ethereal singer/songwriter vibes to backroads country, catchy pop, and folk rock. Her gentle, thoughtful vocals are on display in her newest offering, “Look At Us Now.”  As she continues to grow as an artist, Whitney is finding the road ahead widening, offering more lanes, more choices. The young girl who won a contest with our station to sing on stage in Mansfield, with Keith Urban, those years ago, has never stopped believing in the dream, or working hard for it. The world is full of 6 lane highways and wide open country roads for Whitney Doucet.

Whitney Wows 

“Look At Us Now”

Whitney wrote this son for her husband, and sang it to him on their wedding day. She shared, “This is one of the easiest songs I ever wrote. When you are writing about true life experiences, the words just come to you. I was sitting outside on a beautiful Spring morning and was messing around with my guitar. I remember my grandfather, who passed last year, use to show me little tricks on the guitar and I loved the sound he would make when he alternated certain notes. So I kept that style and added it to this song to make it extra special.”

Push play to hear it!


The Dish on Doucet 

  • Grew up in: Fitchburg, MA
  • Now lives in: Fitchburg, MA
  • Current single: “Look At Us Now”
  • What lead you to music: I LOVED music from a young age, there is a video of me bouncing for joy when my grandfather would play the fiddle. As a kid, I needed to wear headphones while doing anything and til this day I have to put on music before doing almost anything.
  • How old were you when you started: I was a freshman in high school whe I started singing in front of other people, but I sang constantly growing up in my room and in the shower!
  • First country song you learned: LeAnn Rimes, “How Do I Live”
  • Instruments played: Violin, and some guitar (enough to write songs)
  • Describe your sound: New England pop/country. But I’m starting to lean toward country/folk
  • Who inspires you: Musically, I’m inspired these days by Kacey Musgraves, specifically her Golden Hour album, and also the song “Keep Lookin Up” from her star-crossed album.
  • If you are a band, how did you get your name: Whitney Doucet and Moonshine came from morphing two bands together! We are debuting a trio this summer that’s name sort of plays off Moonshine. I can’t wait to get that rolling!
  • Awards/accolades: In 2018 my song, “Long Road,” was on the offical Grammy Ballot, which was so special to me because the song was written about my 10+ years chasing my love for music
  • Dream duet partner: Since I already sang with Keith Urban (after winning a contest, and I’ve loved foreverrrr). I would say Steven Tyler would be SO AWESOME to do a duet with
  • All-time favorite country songs: “Ain’t Nothin’ Bout You”- Brooks and Dunn, “When Summer Comes Around”-Keith Urban, and Parmalee “Already Callin’ You Mine”
  • First country concert: LeAnn Rimes
  • What songs do you like now on Country 1025: “Thinkin’ About You” – Dustin Lynch, “If I Was A Cowboy”- Miranda Lambert
  • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: If being a musician was completely out of the question, I would be in wildlife rehabilitation. Imagine how  many cute little raccoons you could bottle feed. (I’m sure it’s not as glorious as that. Much respect to all wildlife rehab workers)
  • Day job: I get to teach people how to sing! I’m a voice teacher at Patrice Peris Voice Studios!
  • Most proud moment: Of course I still feel proud that I got to sing a duet with Keith Urban. It’s been a few years, but that is still one of the highlights of my career. Of course singing the National Anthem for the New England Patriots and the Red Sox has been a huge honor!
  • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: That people actually like and listen to my music. I spent a long time playing to empty rooms and I really appreciate how things are going right now
  • Other things you like to do: Hike with my dad and my dog.(I have to hand it to my dad, he’s in much better shape than I am. I can barely keep up with him!) We go all out for Halloween, and Memorial Day!
  • Fun facts: I was a professional dog groomer for 10 years! I won a couple of fishing derbies as a kid. There is a Bald Eagle family in my neighborhood that I enjoy watching! (Somehow I have become the crazy bird lady because my fam knows to give me binoculars first)
  • Mantra: If you can dream it, you can do it! And Ask and you shall receive-JC


Where’s Whitney

  • March 17: See Whitney and Moonshine for a St. Patrick’s Day show at the Wachusett Brew Yard



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