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What It’s Like Backstage Of the TD Garden During A Celtics Playoff Game

Ever wonder what it's like to be backstage of the TD Garden during a Celtics playoff game? Let me show you! My name is Ayla Brown and I was asked by the Boston Celtics to sing at Round 2, Game 2 of the 2023 playoff series on May 3, 2023. The Celtics played the Philadelphia 76ers! Many have never seen what goes on behind the walls of the Garden. Where are the players' locker rooms? What does a dressing room look like? Where do the wives and girlfriends hang before, during and after the game? I will show you as much as I can through photos so you get a behind-the-scenes look for yourself! Anthem "Veteran" This wasn't my first time singing the National Anthem at a Celtics game. In fact, I have been singing the Anthem there since 2006! Back in the 2008 playoff series, I was called to sing at EVERY game 7 of that playoff series because the Celtics thought I was good luck (seriously!) Even in the past two years I have sung the Anthem 3 times. I even brought my son to a game! Let's Go Backstage There's a LOT going on backstage during a playoff game. The Celtics dancers are warming up. Lucky the Leprechaun is stretching his legs out. Referees are next to me in the dressing room. Media is walking around all over the place. Everyone seems to have somewhere to be and a job to do. There's definitely a hustle mentality in the air tonight! I had my own dressing room for the night. I was able to keep my things there during the game which was great. All in all, I am so grateful for the opportunity to sing at the Celtics game. Here's my pictures from the night! And I can't believe the seats they gave me (I was literally right next to the Celtics bench!) [gallery ids="1091475,1091478,1091481,1091484,1091487,1091490,1091493,1091496,1091499,1091502,1091505,1091508,1091511,1091514,1091517,1091520,1091523,1091526"] [select-listicle listicle_id="1085468" syndication_name="4-top-shoe-brands-the-boston-celtics-players-wear" description="yes"]

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