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The sweep, the survival, and the sweep! The sweat, the stress and the relief. Not your average Easter Sunday, but what an epic sports day for us Boston fans! It started with the Celtics in Indiana with the hopes of a sweep in the first round of the playoffs vs the Pacers. After some back and fourth, the Cs started to pull away in the fourth quarter and Jaylen Brown brought out the broom (well kind of… kind of an unusual sweeping technique, but we got the message.)


The Bruins in Toronto had a must-win situation, in order to survive and move on to the next round of their playoff series with the Maple Leafs. They were down, they were up, they were tied and we had booming blood pressure! I didn’t think it was possible to hold your breath for three hours, but apparently when it’s playoff hockey, you can.

Everybody, exhale…

The B’s are happy to be on home ice for game 7 tomorrow night!




The Sox were in Tampa Bay for the the final game of their series and struggled to put it away. 11 innings later, thanks to Christian Vazquez and his  sacrifice fly to in the top of the 11th inning to score Rafael Devers, giving the Sox the 4-3 lead. As if the Bruins game wasn’t stressful enough, we had this gem. Now it’s back to Boston and a 4 game series with Detroit.

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