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Valentine’s Day 2020

The Ultimate Guide to the WORST Valentine’s Day Gifts

February is here, which means Valentine's day is less than two weeks away! Who hasn't given or received a Valentine's Day gift that's fallen flat? We have all seen (or given!) that look of disappointment when we see the $3 chocolate heart. Don't worry, I'm sharing the ultimate guide to the worst Valentine's Day gifts to save you from giving something terrible. If you haven't gotten a gift for that special someone yet and want to avoid that killer look of disappointment, then you're in luck. Thanks to USA Today's Reviewed, we can all get on the same page about this year's gifts and what not to give. Plus, I will give a few of my personal favorites at the end. My one caveat... if you're doing a "Galentine's day," then go ahead, and treat yourself to that bottle of wine and the chocolate heart!

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