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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

February is here, which means Valentine’s day is less than two weeks away! Who hasn’t given or received a Valentine’s Day gift that’s fallen flat? We have all seen (or given!) that look of disappointment when we see the $3 chocolate heart. Don’t worry, I’m sharing the ultimate guide to the worst Valentine’s Day gifts to save you from giving something terrible.

If you haven’t gotten a gift for that special someone yet and want to avoid that killer look of disappointment, then you’re in luck. Thanks to USA Today’s Reviewed, we can all get on the same page about this year’s gifts and what not to give. Plus, I will give a few of my personal favorites at the end.

My one caveat… if you’re doing a “Galentine’s day,” then go ahead, and treat yourself to that bottle of wine and the chocolate heart!

  • Oversized Teddy Bears

    teddy bear

    Its adorable. But when it’s seven feet tall and takes up the majority of your bed, it’s not so cute. Leave the stuffed animals in your kids room this year and find a better gift!

  • Heart-Shaped Jewelry

    This necklace screams Valentine’s Day. But not in a good way.

  • A Candle

    prayer candles

    Leave the prayer candles at Grandma’s and instead, have a candle lit dinner that you cook!

  • Flowers (and nothing else)

    farm fresh flowers from Enjoy Flowers

    Just flowers? No. Flowers and a necklace? Deal.

  • Cheap Lingerie

    A gift of cheap lingerie is giving the gift of itchiness, scratching, and poor fitting clothes. Get the good stuff or move on.

  • A Night At The Movies

    Warner Bros. To Put 2021 Theatrical Movie Releases On HBO Max Streaming Service

    A romantic night out with no talking, in the dark, with strangers. Sounds lovely. Not.

  • Household Appliances


    I don’t have to explain why this is a bad idea, do I? I really hope I don’t!

  • A Bottle Of Wine

    outdoor wine holder

    If you’re giving a bottle of wine, it better be one of the best bottles in the history of wine.

  • A Generic Gift Card

    Gift CardsThis screams “I don’t know enough about you” or “I don’t care to know enough about you to give you something to show my love that you will appreciate”

  • A Cliche Gift Basket

    russell stovers lace heart shaped chocolate box

    A heart full of chocolates has been overdone since the beginning of time (or when Valentine’s Day was created). This can be a fine thing to include, but it can’t be the only thing!

  • Ayla Brown's Worst Valentine's Day Picks

  • Sour Patch Kids

    sour patch kids

    Seriously, someone once got me a box of Sour Patch Kids… Yes, I loved the candy at the time, but romantic? I think NOT

  • Coupons


    Two hours of quiet time

    I have been not only the victim of this, but I have also given them too (so I’m guilty too). But when you give coupons, I don’t think you’ve put enough thought into getting your loved one a gift.

  • Nothing

    valetines dayIf you forget that there’s a national holiday called “Valentine’s Day” then you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Stop using the excuse that “Every day is Valentine’s Day babe” line.

  • Hygiene Products

    Hey, you smell bad, here’s some soap. Uhhh, no. Pass. silently judging you for not washing your hands hand soap


    We have no idea. Let us know when you find out!! Making women happy on Valentine’s Day is almost an impossible feat!

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