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Having a baby soon? Thinking of having a baby? Well, you’re in the right place according to Wallet Hub. In a recent study, Wallet Hub found that Massachusetts doesn’t just rank high on its list. Massachusetts actually TOPS the list at #1. Another interesting fact about the list, 5 of the 6 New England states are in the top 10. Maine is the only state that did not make Wallet Hub’s top 10 states to have a baby. So how did they come up with this list? What factors are they looking at? Before we divulge the top 13, let’s take a look at all the factors that went into Wallet Hub’s findings.

A big factor into this list is medical costs. Many people don’t think about medical costs when they think babies when in fact, that is a major detail. The charges and fees for just delivering the baby alone can be astronomical. These are some of the categories that were looked at when doing the study: Hospital Cesarean-Delivery Charges: Full Weight (~2.86 Points), Hospital Conventional-Delivery Charges: Full Weight (~2.86 Points), Average Annual Cost of Early Child Care: Full Weight (~2.86 Points), Average Health-Insurance Premiums: Full Weight (~2.86 Points), Current Status of Medicaid Expansion Decision: Full Weight (~2.86 Points), Cost of Babysitter/Nanny: Full Weight (~2.86 Points), Cost of Newborn Screening: Full Weight (~2.86 Points).

The other two categories looked at in the study are health care, baby friendliness (mom groups, child care centers etc.) and family friendliness. Each of these metrics were then graded on a 100 point scale to determine the rankings. So it seems if you’re reading this, you most likely live in New England so once again, you are in the right place to have a baby. So best of luck and GET TO PRACTICING! Here is the top 13 states that are the best to have a baby, according to Wallet Hub.

  • #13 Hawaii

    With a total score of 58.24, Hawaii actually ranks 5th for baby friendliness.

    Best & Worst States to Have a Baby

    Best & Worst States to Have a Baby

  • #12 Montana

    With a total score of 58.26, Montana actually ranks #7 for health care. 

    With more people giving birth at home, Montana passed a pair of laws to make it easier

    Ashley Jones' three children were born in three different places-a hospital, a birth center, and at home.

  • #11 Oregon

    With a total score of 58.37, Oregon actually ranks #6 for baby friendliness

    Want to have a child in Oregon? Here's how much the first year costs.

    Having a child in Oregon costs nearly $29,000 in the first year, according to an analysis by LendingTree.


  • #10 Washington

    With a total score of 60.23, Washington actually ranks #3 for baby friendliness. 

    Washington named one of the most expensive states to raise a child

    The costs of raising a child increases as the child grows older, the study said.

  • #9 Connecticut

    With a total score of 60.67, CT actually ranks #9 for health care. 

    6 Connecticut Hospitals Among Best To Have A Baby

    6 Connecticut Hospitals Among Best To Have A Baby - Danbury, CT - U.S. News & World Report this week released its inaugural list of the best U.S. hospitals for maternity. See which CT hospitals were ranked.

  • #8 Utah

    With a total score of 61.42, Utah actually ranks 11th for baby friendliness

    Study places Utah among top ten states to have a baby

    According to a new study, Utah is among the top states to have a baby and has one of the lowest c-sections hospital costs.

  • #7 Iowa

    With a total score of 62.19, Iowa actually ranks #5 for health care.

  • #6 New Hampshire

    With a total score of 64.15, NH actually ranks #2 in cost. 

    The cost of giving birth in each state

    Depending on where you live, the price of childbirth varies wildly.

  • #5 North Dakota

    With a total score of 64.21, North Dakota ranks #4 for family friendliness. 

    Study: North Dakota is a great place to have a baby

    BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) - If you're going to have a baby, why not have it in North Dakota? According to a new data survey, North Dakota ranks seventh among the 50 states as the best plac...

  • #4 Rhode Island

    With a total score of 65.64, RI actually ranks #2 for baby friendliness 

    Having A Baby | Women & Infants Hospital in Rhode Island

    We make having a baby as personalized of an experience as we can, while also providing you with the finest medical care available.

  • #3 Vermont

    With a total score of 65.74, Vermont actually ranks #1 in health care

    Best & Worst States to Have a Baby

    Best & Worst States to Have a Baby

  • #2 Minnesota

    With a total score of 67.86, Minnesota actually ranks #2 for family friendliness 

    How Much Does It Cost to Have a Baby in Minnesota?

    If you live in Minnesota, you will likely pay somewhere between $6,000 and $15,000 to have a baby, according to FAIR Health's state-by-state data.

  • #1 Massachusetts

    With a total score of 69.31, MA actually ranks #1 for family friendliness and #2 for health care. 

    Best & Worst States to Have a Baby

    Best & Worst States to Have a Baby

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