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Looking for the best bars in southie to compliment your parade day experience? Look no further!

Boston was just named 3rd in the country on “places to party on St. Patrick’s Day.” And if you’re from Boston, you know that South Boston, aka “Southie” is the place to drink, dance, and watch politicians and kids walk in a parade.

Whether you’re feeling lucky, want to get lucky, or just want to get your steps in, the St. Patrick’s Parade in South Boston is the place to make all of your Irish wishes come true. South Boston is the one special place on earth where everyone is Irish for the day. The best part about St. Paddy’s day is that you won’t be judged in Southie when you’ve had too many green beers or Irish car bombs. You certainly won’t be looked at differently if you need to take a tinkle on the side of a building. (Everyone’s done it at one point in their lives).

The Parade Route

If you’ve never been to the St. Patrick’s Day parade in South Boston, you are missing out. The parade starts at Broadway Train Station in South Boston at 1:00pm on March 19th, 2023, and finishes at Andrew Square. The walkers will go down East Broadway, P Street, East Fourth St, K Street, East Sixth Street, G Street, Telegraph Street, Dorchester Street and finally end at Andrew Square. The route will be closed to traffic from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

That’s a lot of streets to watch the parade, which means there’s a LOT of bars to go to as well. Today’s “Lushy List” heads to South Boston. Here are the best bars in Southie along the St. Patrick’s Day parade route! You can follow the parade from bar to bar, starting in order from the Broadway T stop to Andrew Square.

The St. Patrick’s Day Drinking (I mean Walking) Route