Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Young handsome doctor man over isolated background confuse and wonder about question. Uncertain with doubt, thinking with hand on head. Pensive concept.

Lori went to a party where both of her recent exes were. One, who she calls Doctor Rebound, ended up helping her with a medical emergency. Should she give him another shot? Or should she just follow her initial feeling that he was just “Doctor Rebound”?

Ayla Brown: And good morning to Lori. Now we got an e-mail that just says Rebound. And I was like, oh, maybe she’s a basketball player. Maybe we’re talking about a relationship, but I think you need to put it out there. What is it, Lori? What’s going on?

Lori: I was in a long term relationship with someone for about six years. We broke up, and I started dating someone else about a year ago. His name is Jim, and we were together for almost a year, but I broke up with him over the winter. And since then I’ve kind of been keeping to myself and I haven’t been very social.

Ayla Brown: So is that what you meant by rebound? Was Jim the rebound, Jim?

Lori: Jim was absolutely the rebound.

Ayla Brown: So admitted rebound.

Lori: I was just in this long term relationship. I got out of it, started dating this new guy and it lasted a year but still was okay

Ayla Brown: So you guys are no longer together, you and Jim, correct?

Lori: Yeah, it just it became apparent to me toward the end of our relationship that I just really dove headfirst into it right away. He was very much a rebound for me. And so, I haven’t been very social. I’ve been keeping to myself, trying to focus on myself. But recently a friend of mine, she noticed this and she said, okay, come on, we’re going to go to a party. She dragged me out to a party last weekend. It was a little awkward, though, because she takes me to this party. And we get there, and not just my ex of six years, but also Jim are both there at the party.

Ayla Brown: Are you kidding me? What are the chances of that? You must live in a small town, because there’s just no way.

Lori: We are kind of all in the same social circle. So it wasn’t like the craziest thing, but, you don’t necessarily it. I haven’t really been doing a lot lately. And then the first time I decide to go out, I’m at a party with both of my exes.

Ayla Brown: That sucks. So now it’s incredibly awkward.

Lori: Yeah. And then the night just kind of gets out of control from there, because my friend who brought me out, she got a little crazy. She started getting a little wild. She had too much to drink, and she actually ends up slipping and falling. And she hits her head. And it was bad. She was bleeding. And so it was definitely a scary thing.

Ayla Brown: Is she okay? Was there any sort of like doctor on site there?

Lori: So Jim is a doctor.

Ayla Brown: Okay. I’m sorry. Mr. Rebound is a doctor. Doctor Rebound.

Lori: Doctor Rebound.

Ayla Brown: He was there and he is a doctor. I mean, thank goodness. So he probably went into saving mode. Did he help your friend?

Lori: Yeah. I grabbed him and I was like, I need your help with this. I’m so sorry. And he immediately went into went into doctor mode and we got her together and he took us to the hospital. He stayed the whole time. He was actually really cool the whole time. He was so sweet and attentive. It was great. And so my problem and the reason why I called is that he has been calling me ever since because he thinks there might have been a little something at the hospital. And he thinks that maybe we should date again.

Ayla Brown: And you don’t necessarily think that.

Lori: I’m hesitant because I kind of felt it, too, a little bit. I did, but it was also like I broke up with him for a reason. He was completely Dr. Rebound. You know what I mean?

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