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My Fiance Went To A Strip Club For His Bachelor Party And Lied To Me About It

Miranda’s fiancé told her that he was going on a golfing trip with his buddies for his bachelor party, but instead he bar hopped around New Hampshire and ended up at a strip club. When she asked him about it, he lied. Now she is concerned he cheated on her and is considering breaking off the engagement. Is a bachelor party at a strip club really grounds for ending an engagement?

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Ayla Brown: And good morning to Miranda. You are about to get married or maybe not. What happened at the bachelor party with your fiancé?

Miranda: I don’t know if anything happened. But here’s the problem. A friend of mine sent me your blog. The one about the states where the bachelor party where there’s cheating. New Hampshire & Rhode Island.

Ayla Brown: Now, just to recap, if anyone’s listening right now, there is a blog. You can find it on our Facebook page, Country Mornings, where they found that two states in New England, New Hampshire and Rhode Island are filled with the most cheaters at bachelor and bachelorette parties. So that’s cool. Your friend saw it and not cool that she sent it to you because that means something might have happened.

Miranda: My fiancé went on his bachelor party. I was told that it was just going to be a golf trip, was going to be very low key. Well, we have shared location on our phones and I just happened to see that he was in New Hampshire and he was at a strip club. Then my friend, whose husband was also on the trip, told me that they were definitely at a strip club. It wasn’t like they were just in the neighborhood. They went to a strip club and I just casually gave them the opportunity to tell me what happened. All he said, it was great fun. They had a great time. Never went to the strip club. They never said anything about it. I’m like, You’re already lying. You don’t lie if you have nothing to lie about. He didn’t say he didn’t do anything. He didn’t say he did anything right.

Ayla Brown: Question Because in this blog, they say that cheating can be in the form of going to a strip club. It can also be in the form of downloading an app and getting to know other people or then, of course, engaging in other sexual activity. Do you know if we do know, according to your friend and the location that he was at a strip club, but we don’t know. Do you consider that cheating?

Miranda: Yeah. Especially added up with the lying.

Ayla Brown: Okay. So you already think that he has cheated by going to a strip club for his bachelor party when he said that he was going golfing instead? So you want to know if this is worth calling off the marriage about?

Miranda: I mean, if this is. Yeah. Yes.

Ayla Brown: What is your heart say? Does your heart say to break it off?

Miranda: I don’t want to, but I think how can you spend your life with a liar?

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