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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Did anyone else’s parents tell them that coffee stunted their growth? Mine did! And because I was a basketball player, I needed all of the inches I could get, so I never drank coffee or soda. I didn’t want the caffeine to make me short! Because of that, I had my first cup of coffee when I was 21 years old.

I remember like it was yesterday. It was 2011. I had just graduated from Boston College, I was living in Nashville, and I met a co-writer out for a coffee shop to talk about the song we were going to write. She ordered a coffee and asked if I wanted one. I said, “Sure, I’ve never had one but I’ll have what you’re having.” She ordered me a latte with just a dash of sugar. I put the frothy cup to my lips and took my first sip. I will NEVER forget the taste of my first coffee, and the feeling that it gave me afterwards.


The Results Of Drinking My First Cup Of Coffee…

Not to sound like Lionel Richie, but I felt like I was “Dancing on the Ceiling.” I felt a jolt of energy! My “fight or flight” kicked in and I felt like I could out-sprint an Olympian. And I don’t remember, but I think the song we wrote was written in under an hour. If it wasn’t, it sure felt that way in my mind. The next day I bought my first drip coffee machine. I put it in my little apartment and since then, I have consumed, purchased, or made cup of coffee every morning.

I used to drink coffee with one cream and one sugar. But over the years my pallet has changed. I now drink it black with a dash of sugar in it or a cold brew, just black. I prefer dark roasts over medium or blonde roasts and I also support organic brands and companies that buy or grow organic beans because I think they just taste better (and it’s way better for you). Call me a coffee snob, but I think I know what I’m talking about after 12 years of drinking coffee. That’s why I consider myself an expert and can “expertly review” Tom Hank’s new coffee brand, Hanx For Our Troops.

My Review Of Tom Hank’s Coffee…

  • Give Hanx - Hanx For Our Troops

    I LOVE the name and I love the message. Hanx For Our Troops is a cute play on words because of Tom Hank’s name. It’s also cute because they rhymed it with the word “Thanks,” so when you put “Tom Hanks” and “Thanks” it just makes sense to name it “Hanx For Our Troops.”

    The Organizations That This Coffee Benefits

    The company makes it clear on their instagram page and website, saying, “When you drink Hanx, you’re putting your money toward gratitude in action. Through our network of partners, our profits go to support Veterans and their families.” The organizations that the coffee is helping are the following:

    The Bob Woodruff Foundation, which is a foundation that “invests in best-in-class programs that serve the diverse needs of impacted service members, Veterans, families and caregivers in their communities.”

    Headstrong, which is a “…national-facing mental health treatment practice for our nation’s Veterans, their families, and other military-connected individuals. They offer tailored, confidential, trauma-focused treatment on a barrier-free basis.”

    Student Veterans of America, which “Elevated the academic, professional and personal development of Veterans in higher education, through service, research, programs and advocacy.”

    100% of the proceeds go to helping these following foundations and I think that’s UNBELIEVABLE! For that reason alone I purchased two bags of the Hanx “First Class Joe.” That’s their darkest roast available and I’ll give my review of that coffee after I talk about the packaging of the product…

  • The Packaging

    The packaging is very nice. The dark roast came in a dark blue coffee bag and it’s very clear from the moment that the coffee arrived in the mail that its ONLY purpose is to support the troops. In fact, the colors even make sense. They have a very “military-like” vibe with Blue for Navy and green for Army (what about Red for Marines?!)

    On the back of the packaging it reads, “Wake up and smell the 100% Arabica Black Roast for those who savor the classic cup of Joe. Maybe best made in a thing called a percolator but choose your own process. How to describe hints of brown sugar and toasted almonds that come in First Class Joe? Oh, here’s how: damn good coffee!” Then it describes the mission of the coffee, the expiration date, and the instructions, to store at room temperature.



  • The Taste

    The second I got the coffee in the mail I opened it up and took a peek inside. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that the coffee was already grounded. I prefer when coffee comes in whole bean form, because it tastes fresher when you grind it, and then immediately put it into a coffee maker.

    What’s the first thing you do when you buy a new bag of coffee? You smell it! This coffee had a very strong acidic smell to it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I personally didn’t find it super appealing to the nose.

    And then I made my first cup in my coffee machine. I scooped the ground beans in my filter, added filtered water, and pressed on. I was super excited to try the coffee, but was slightly disappointed after my first sip. There was definitely a watered-down taste to it, like the beans weren’t strong enough to be called a “dark roast.” I have felt that way for every cup of coffee I’ve made with Hanx for Our Troops, but I’ve muscled on and I am about halfway through the bag. I don’t want anything to go to waste so I am going to finish the bag of coffee, but it’s definitely not my favorite bean, or dark roast I’ve ever had.

    hanx coffee

    Photo provided by Ayla Brown

  • My Rating

    It wasn’t a bad cup of coffee but it wasn’t great. Overall I would absolutely buy this coffee as a gift for someone knowing that 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the troops. Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters!

    Smell: 6/10
    Taste: 6.5/10
    Packaging: 9/10
    Overall: 7.1

    ayla brown

  • PHOTO GALLERY: Tom Hanks

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