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Kruser’s Local Catch

Kruser’s Local Catch

With each song Sabrina Ponte releases there is tremendous growth, and understanding of who she is, as an artist. This artist, who grew up in North Reading, comes off as confident and comfortable with what she is writing and singing. There has to be a connect between the singer and the song or else it’s lost on the ears upon which it falls. Sabrina has no problem making these connections.

Ponte’s drive has taken her from pageants to the ice. She was Miss Boston, runner-up in Miss Tennessee, a Bruins ice girl, currently a working model, and recently she was chosen for an incredible honor in Nashville. Read all about it below! Sabrina clearly has no problem putting in the work. Sabrina’s talent and tenacity will surely steer her to where she wants to go.

  • Sabrina's New Sounds

    Sabrina’s new song is called, “Chance of Whiskey.” She explains, ” It is about having an unexpected night out and because of an old flame showing up you know there’s a “chance of whiskey.” I thought of the line “chance of whiskey” and really wanted to write around that. I decided to bring it into a write one day with Andreas Eriksson and Jake Lindholm and recorded it later at Record One in Nashville.”

    Push the play button to listen to “Chance of Whiskey.”

    Sabrina Ponte


  • Ponte's Point of View

    * From: North Reading, MA

    Now lives in: Nashville, TN

    * Current single:  “Chance of Whiskey”

    What lead you to music: Music has always been something I loved and was drawn to from a very young age. I grew up singing in my church choir, in theater, and joined The Young Opera Company of New England at age ten. I also graduated from The New England Conservatory’s preparatory school which I attended on the weekends throughout high school. From there I went on to graduate Berklee College of Music and moved to Nashville. 

    How old when you started: I joined the choir at age 5 and released my first single, “U-Turn”, the summer of my college graduation.

    * First country concert: Taylor Swift

    * What songs do you like now on Country 1025: Thinking About You, Colder Weather, One of Them Girls

    * If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: I would still be involved in music or working with singers. Aside from music, psychology is something I am passionate about.

    * Day Job: I am a signed model and graduate student

    * Most proud moment: Winning Miss Boston is still up there for me

    * Crazy thing that happened in your music career: I got to interview Lady A at Country Cares in Memphis which was an amazing experience.

    * Fun facts: I was runner up at Miss Tennessee, I was a Boston Bruins Ice Girl, and hosted on NESN.

    Mantra: Always believe in yourself and the difference you can make.

     * Upcoming dates:  “Undiscovered Nashville’s” show at Sonny’s in Nashville on November 3rd and November 17th I’ll be performing in my first show at the Nashville Symphony.

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