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‘Anonymous’ has a 23 year old daughter who is having an affair with her boss. Her boss is 40 years old and married with children. They’re sneaking around every weekend. ‘Anonymous’ knows about it and called into “Ask Ayla Brown” to get advice on how to convince her to stop.

What would you do if you knew your daughter was having an affair with her boss? Would you get involved?

Conversation Between Ayla Brown And ‘Anonymous’

Ayla Brown: Good morning. This gentleman does not want to go by his name, so I’m going to call you ‘Anonymous.’ Good morning, Anonymous. How are you? And what is going on that we can help you with today?

Anonymous: Good morning. My daughter is having an affair with her boss. She’s 20 years old. She’s 37. He has a few kids and is allegedly getting divorced.

Ayla Brown: Okay. So he is currently married.

Anonymous: Correct. The company allegedly did some investigation. And they think it’s funny that they got away with it because they went on vacation together. They can’t be seen together. So they meet up in different towns and spend the night in hotel rooms and everything else. Oh, my God. I just don’t know how to help her to see that it’s creepy. He’s 17 years older than her and he’s got kids.

Let’s Learn Some Details About The Affair With Her Boss

Ayla Brown: And how old is she?

Anonymous: 20.

Ayla Brown: And they met at work and they currently work together. No one has been fired, but the work knows about it?

Anonymous: Yes. It started because the ex-wife, his future ex-wife, whatever she is, showed up saying that they’re in a relationship.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my.

Anonymous: Work investigated it and now they’re back to work. So they investigated and didn’t find anything because from what she’s been told, they can’t look into anything personal. So the work can’t look at their phones, look at anything other than whatever that the future ex-wife is saying. .

Ayla Brown: And you are her father, Correct? The 20 year old girl is your daughter. And have you spoken to her about this? And she just doesn’t want to hear it?

Anonymous: She says she’s in love with him and she wants him now. I mean, this whole time she’s been dating this person, I guess, for six months. And she’s been lying to us the whole time. She told us she’s been going out with a different person that was a friend of a friend. And she’s saying that she’s been with this friend and they’re just friends. And so that’s where they are.

Ayla Brown: And you found out it was a lie. Okay.

Anonymous: So it was a lie.

How Can We Help?

Ayla Brown: Anonymous, what is your question that you would like help with from our listeners? Because I want people to give you guidance. You’ve been a long time listener of our show and I want you to feel comfortable asking whatever question you want to ask.

Anonymous: What is it I tell her? How do I help her? How do I help her see that it’s morally wrong? It’s just not even it’s not right. Ethics aside of like the workplace, he’s got a family. I just don’t know how to get her to see the big picture, that there’s a huge age gap. There’s obviously baggage on his side.

Ayla Brown: I might have to throw this out there, too. Or is it is it a situation where Anonymous has to stay out of his daughter’s life and let her make those mistakes? What would you do if you were anonymous, if you were the father of a 20 year old who’s having an affair with a married man at work who has kids and is currently married?

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