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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Ariana was in the car with her best friend and another girl when her BFF won Luke Combs tickets on the radio. She just assumed that she was going, but her BFF is taking the other girl to the show instead. She thinks its because she feels bad that the other girl just got dumped, but she’s still pissed she doesn’t get to go to the show. What would you do if your best friend had Luke Combs tickets and took someone else instead of you?

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Ariana. First of all, that’s my sister’s name, so I already love you. Second of all, thank you for listening to Country 102.5.

Ariana: Hi. Yeah, I’ve been tuning the station all week and I need some advice.

Ayla Brown: Okay, well, that is why we are here. What happened? Tell me.

Ariana: I’ve been listening to the station all week and trying to get Luke Combs ticket.

Ayla Brown: Yes, we did the giveaway all week.

Ariana: Well, so that’s the thing where me and my friends, three of us in the car, three, including myself, with two other people who are in the car. And we’re all trying to call in. We’re trying to get tickets. I’m really close with my one friend I don’t really want to name her on air, but we were really hoping to go together. And we’re calling. We’re calling. We’re calling. And she gets the tickets, she calls it and she wins. I’m really excited because in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, I guess we get to go. So excited. Like, it’s going to be a great thing for the weekend. But turns out she’s taking the other girl that was in the car and not me.

Ayla Brown: She’s going to take the other girl in the car to the show and not you? Hold on. Let me just backtrack. So there’s three of you in a car. You’re all driving to work together. You each call in on the phones trying to get these Luke Combs tickets that we were giving away last week. And your friend got through and won tickets from us.

Ariana: Yeah. And I was so excited for her.

Ayla Brown: Yeah, because you’re thinking, Oh my God, she’s going to take me.

Ariana: Exactly. But she wasn’t taking the other girl in the car. And, I get it. She’s going through kind of a messy time. Her boyfriend broke up with her, and she’s in a weird state. But to me, I feel like that would be a really special moment for us to share together and really enjoy someone who we grew up listening to and really have a special connection to. And the other girl doesn’t really have the same amount of passion that we do. So it hurts even more.

Ayla Brown: So why wouldn’t she take you?

Ariana: I think she’s trying to build sympathy with her friend or say that she’s here for her. But it really hurts me as a friend.

Ayla Brown: But how long have you known the girl who won the tickets?

Ariana: I know her eight years.

Ayla Brown: Whoa. And how long? What about the other girl? The new girl.

Ariana: I don’t know. I think we all started working together a while ago, so maybe two and a half years ago.

Ayla Brown: So you guys each know each other for a long time. Honestly, I feel so bad because we have no tickets left. Like, this is a sold out show. So I feel awful that you weren’t the one that your friend wanted to go to with, but I’m just curious how many times this has happened with other people where you might be in the car and someone wins a ticket and they’re like, yeah, but then they don’t take you or what if you’re next to someone who won the lottery, right? And then they’re like, I won. And then you’re standing there being like, I’m here, too, you know? I feel like that situation happens often. And you’re just wondering how to convince your friend of eight years to bring you instead. Is that what I’m understanding?

Ariana: Absolutely. You know, it makes you wonder who your real friends are. And I’m trying to keep that friendship alive and trying to ask her how can I come with you?

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