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Girlfriend discovering that her boyfriend is cheating with her best friend at home

The Strip Club Was Just The Tip Of The Iceberg! Miranda Follows Up With Even More Lies From Her Fiancé

Can you believe she uncovered more lies from her fiancé?

Miranda called in a few weeks ago about her fiancé lying to her about going to a strip club for his bachelor party. Now she has called back with a follow up after confronting him about it and it turns out they’ve called off the wedding. But is she over reacting? Or would taking him back just lead to even more lies from her fiancé?


More Lies From Her Fiancé

Ayla Brown: I already have the butterflies kind of bubbling in my stomach right now because, Miranda, it feels like forever ago. But it was really only about a week and a half ago. She called in for this segment and she said, she had to talk to you about something. My fiancee, we’re planning on getting married. I think it was like in a couple months. And my fiancee went on a bachelor party and he told me that they were going golfing. But we have shared locations. Turns out he was not on the golf course and instead went to a strip club. Doesn’t seem like a huge deal. Right. But what really got her was the fact that she felt like he was lying a bit. If you don’t remember part of that phone call. Here she is. Just for a recap

Miranda: My friend told me that they were definitely at a strip club. It wasn’t like they were just in the neighborhood. They went to a strip club and I just casually gave him the opportunity to tell me what happened. No, all he said was it was great fun. They had a great time. Never went to the strip club thing. Never said anything about it. I’m like, You’re already lying.

Ayla Brown: Okay. So that was part of her call, right? The general consensus when I threw it out to the phones about a week and a half ago from the listeners was that it’s not a huge deal, Miranda, but I think you need to confront him. And I then asked her to keep me updated if she was going to continue with the marriage, if she was going to talk to him. She wrote us an email and she has called back and I can’t wait to go to the phones. Miranda, what happened?

Miranda: I decided not to move forward with the marriage. That lie just kind of uncovered other lies and other things that weren’t said. I wasn’t being told straight.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my God. About like what?

Miranda: There’s been a lot of like, Oh, I’m out with the guys. But then I would look at location and it wasn’t out with the guys if he’d be somewhere. He said he wasn’t, but there were more strip clubs and I can’t.

Ayla Brown: So it wasn’t a one time thing. I’m honestly, so sorry. I’m sure that was so hard. And did he understand when you said I’m breaking up with you because you’re a liar? Is he trying to win your heart back?

Miranda: Well, he still maintains that he can be trusted. But, like, how? How? I’m not here to play prison guard. I’m not going to be checking on you all the time.

Ayla Brown: That is a great question. I’m sorry you’re going through the breakup, but it really does kind of pose another question. Can you forgive someone after they’ve lied to you? After they’ve lied about where they’ve been? Not just once, not just twice, but maybe for the duration of your relationship? How many chances do you give someone? After more lies from her fiancé?

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