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My Teenage Daughter Came Home From College Expecting To Drink Beer, But She Won’t Be Doing It In My House

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Kylie’s teenage daughter is coming home from her Freshman year of college and asked Mom and Dad to have some beer in the house for her. Kylie’s husband thinks its fine since she has been drinking in college, but Kylie doesn’t feel comfortable encouraging her teenage daughter to drink alcohol at all, let alone in her house.

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Wish You Were Beer Tee

Here’s Kylie’s Call About Her Teenage Daughter Drinking

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Kylie. Hey, Kylie.

Kylie: How are you doing?

Jonathan: You have a bit of a problem. Your college age daughter is coming home, and I guess she’s bringing a little bit too much of college with her. What’s going on?

Kylie: I got into a huge argument with my husband because my daughter said, hey, when I come home, I want to have some beer around. And I was like, you’re 19. But my husband was like, well, you’re going to college. It’s fine. And I was like, I don’t want her drinking in college or here. It’s not ok.

Jonathan: She went off to college. I guess it would be your first year in college.

Ayla: At 19?

Jonathan: If she’s turning 19. If she turned 19 in college, then 18 to 19 is your first year of college. All right.

Ayla: Sorry? I don’t know.

Jonathan: Go ahead. Anyway, this is her first year, right?

Kylie: She’s a freshman.

Jonathan: Right? Thank you. So she’s coming home for the first time. Or at least for the first summer break. And she wants to have beer. Your husband thinks it’s fine. You don’t. Why? What’s your problem with it?

Kylie: Well, I don’t want her drinking anywhere. She’s 19. It’s not legal. Why are we endorsing this?

Jonathan: Okay. But she’s doing it in college. There’s nothing you can really do about it.

Ayla: She could do something about it at her own house, which is what she’s trying to do. Say no. I’m putting my foot down. It’s not legal. You might be able to do it in college without mom and dad supervision. But  you’re home. You follow our rules.

Kylie: I have no control over it in college.

Jonathan: Wouldn’t it be better for her to be drinking with mom and dad? With supervision? I mean, it’s literally 24 months difference between 19 and 21.

Ayla: She doesn’t want to be drinking with her daughter.

Jonathan: Then obviously you’re missing out, Kylie.

Ayla: I bet she’s great at beer pong.

Jonathan: Why wouldn’t you want a drink with a 19 year old? Your husband is. What was his argument?

Kylie: She’s drinking there. It’s fine. What’s the difference? Let her have some fun.

Jonathan: I mean, Kylie, let me ask, did you go to college?

Kylie: Yeah.

Jonathan: Did you drink in college?

Kylie: A little.

Jonathan: Okay, so what’s the problem?

Ayla: She doesn’t want to drink with her parents, though.

Jonathan: Well, no. She said she wants to drink at home.

Kylie: My parents didn’t let me drink at home.

Ayla: I’m just saying if I ever asked my parents for a beer at the age of 19, they would kick me out of the house.

Jonathan: You know what? I never tried it, but I guarantee if I did ask my dad for beer at 18, he would have been like, yeah. Let’s do this.

Ayla: Well, there’s a big difference, I guess, between us.

Jonathan: He probably would think he was cool.

Ayla: So I guess, do our listeners think it’s cool?

Jonathan: Kylie’s problem is her daughter’s coming home from college. She said, hey, you know what, I like beer. How about you stock up the fridge with some cold ones and some brewskis for me. And her husband’s fine with it. Kylie is not. Who is right? Who’s wrong here? You tell us. Kylie, thank you so much.

Kylie: Thank you.

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