Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla


Country Music and New England – a pairing as natural as the rolling hills and vibrant autumns of the region. This unique blend captures the essence of New England towns, celebrating their stories, heritage, and the emotions woven into the fabric of these communities. Imagine a country song that not only sets your foot tapping but also echoes the soul of your hometown. That’s the essence of matching country music with New England’s diverse locales. From Concord’s literary streets to Loudon’s NASCAR roars, each town vibrates to a country rhythm, turning this listicle into a musical journey across New England. It’s more than just songs; it’s about how country music roots us to our homes, evoking the warmth of belonging and the joy of return.

As we delve into the heart of New England, each town unveils its rhythm, reflected in the strings of a guitar and the poignant words of country music. This journey across the musical landscape of New England brings alive the serene Massachusetts coastlines, Vermont’s rustic charm, and the vibrant history of each town. These country songs don’t just represent places; they narrate stories of love, history, and life’s simple pleasures in tight-knit communities. Join us as we connect with these towns, each song resonating with our shared experiences and memories, binding us in a melody of home and heart.

  • Worcester - Last Name: Carrie Underwood

    Because in the song Carrie doesn’t know the guy’s last name (or even her own). Perfect fit for a town that no one seems able to pronounce.


  • Salem MA - You're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation: Ronnie McDowell

    Because while the town has, to say the least, a sordid past, it’s actually quite a lovely place to live and visit. So maybe that reputation is undeserved?


  • Concord MA- I Wrote the Book: Morgan Wallen

    Few towns in America can boast the wordsmiths that Concord does. From Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, Henry David Thoreau, to Nathaniel Hawthorne. This is the heart of American Lit.


  • Loudon NH - Fast Car: Luke Combs

    Loudon hosts arguably the best NASCAR Speedway in New England and possibly in America. New Hampshire Motor Speedway, is a prominent venue in the world of American motorsports, particularly known for hosting NASCAR events. This Luke Combs cover of Tracy Chapman’s legendary song is perfect for Loudon.

  • Southborough - Stars Like Confetti: Dustin Lynch

    Southborough, Massachusetts: Part of the St. Mark’s School, has an observatory that is an excellent educational resource with a focus on student and community engagement in astronomy. If you want to watch the stars pop like they do in the Dustin Lynch song this is the place to be.


  • Fairfield CN - Thank God: Kane Brown

    Fairfield County, Connecticut is the most religious county in New England so, while technically not a city, I don’t want to tempt the wrath of God by not having them on this list.

      •  Religious service attendance: 63.2.% of county pop.
      •  Religious service attendance: 51.2% of state pop. (22nd highest)
      •  Congregations in county: 7 per 10,000 people

  • Lowell - Friends in Low Places

    Get it? Garth doesn’t allow his stuff to be up on youtube so instead here’s a song literally named Lowell MA by Death Cab for Cutie…

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