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Nerd with glasses is shocked after reading a sms

How Do I Confront My Wife About The Dirty Video I Found On Her Phone Without Admitting I Went Through Her Phone?

Mitch went through his wife’s phone one night and found a dirty video that she had made with her ex-husband still on her phone. He’s angry and wants to confront her about it, but he doesn’t want to admit he snooped through her phone to find it

Check Out Mitch’s Phone Call About His Girlfriend’s Dirty Video

Jonathan: Today for panic button, we have Mitch with just an absolute Mitch of a problem. Hey, Mitch, what’s going on?

Mitch: Hey. How’s it going?

Jonathan: It’s going well. So, what’s the matter there, Mitch?

Mitch: Well, I’m not really sure what to do. I’m married. We’ve been married quite a long time now. And, you know, everything’s good. Everything’s been going well for a long time. My wife is in the shower the other day, and I got just this crazy feeling. I decided to go through her phone, which I’ve never done before.

Jonathan: Oh, okay.

Mitch: And I came across this video in her photos of her. We’ll call it a rather risqué video. And it was not filmed or sent to me. It was filmed back in the day for her ex-husband.

Jonathan: You said back in the day, but was it a recent video?

Mitch: No this was taken back it the day. Not recent.

Jonathan: So it was a video from when they were together.

Mitch: Correct. Okay. And I don’t know what’s bothering me. Why wouldn’t you get rid of that kind of video? Like it wasn’t for me? You know what I mean?

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah. And the fact that she’s still got it. Yeah. Wouldn’t you think? I mean, if you’re divorcing somebody, do you get rid of all those photos and videos?

Mitch: I think But also, I don’t know how to bring it up with her.

Jonathan: Well, yeah. I mean, you have to admit that you were snooping through her phone while she was in the shower, which you obviously feel guilty about.

Mitch: Exactly. And I never do.

Jonathan: Well, let me ask you this. Is there was  a reason you started snooping? Have things felt off or anything? Or were you just bored?

Mitch: No, It was the latter.

Jonathan: Okay. So you were just like, hey, well, she’s in there. I’ll just see what she’s hiding from me.

Mitch: I know it sounds dumb. It was just one of those stupid impulse things.

Jonathan: I guess here’s my question. Because, if Ayla were here or Danielle were here, they would ask this question. So how would you feel if she went through your phone?

Mitch: I mean, I have caught her snooping through my phone before. And I went kind of nuts on her. You know, that’s part of the reason why I looked.

Jonathan: Right. But she didn’t find anything like that on your phone.

Mitch: No, no, definitely not.

Jonathan: All right, all right. Mitch’s problem is he was snooping through his wife’s phone and found an old dirty video with his wife and her ex that he was bothered by. You said it was risqué. I’m assuming it’s like full Pam and Tommy level type of stuff.

Mitch: Yeah, well, I cannot say.

Jonathan: So it was porn. Yeah. And with her ex-husband. Why would she still have this on her phone? And how does he even talk to her about it, considering he was snooping through her phone, and when he caught her doing the same thing to him a while ago, he went nuts on her. Is this something you bring up, or does he just need to let it go? Is it something he can confront her about, or does he need to just move on from it. Mitch thank you so much.

Mitch: Thank you.  

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