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Everyone may think they live in the best state in the USA, and frankly, you should feel that way. However, based on medium income, poverty, crime, and home value, in a study by HomeSnacks, we actually do live in the best places in America!

All 6 New England states ranked in the Top 20!

And it turns out… New Hampshire is the best place to live in these great United States! Those living in the Granite State can take pride in knowing they have some of the lowest crime rates, low unemployment, and the least number of people living in poverty.

But take heart, Bay Staters, we are not far behind. Massachusetts ranked just behind New Hampshire, at #2 in this study! We’ve got a lot of ocean and a lot of people, which means a lot to do and see! And we can boast that the average household brings in a whopping $74,000 a year!

The other states in New England ranked as follows:

#5- Connecticut

#6- Vermont

#9- Rhode Island

#18- Maine


Congrats to our neighbors to the north… New Hampshire on your #1 status!

Massachusetts may be right behind you, NH, but we can still take bragging rights on being first!  Oh, and by the way, happy anniversary to America’s hometown this year! Celebrating it’s 400th!


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