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Meet Chelsey Carter from Sherborn, MA



She wears her heart on her sleeve, keeps lyrics in her pocket, and there’s likely a melody in her head. You can just sense it when you hear Chelsey Carter sing. This New England girl has the gift of gab, and a personality replete with passion to put her right where she needs to be… in the spotlight. Chelsey’s got a natural classic country voice that just emits honesty. But it’s her impassioned and insightful songwriting that captures the heart. You can just picture her at a writers round with guitar in hand, sentiment in her soul, sass in her spirit, ego at the door… sharing stories and charming crowds. Chelsey is the real deal.


Chelsey Chimes In

  • Grew up in: Sherborn, MA
  • Now lives in: Nashville, TN
  • Current single, and or EP or Album: New EP being released this spring (2020)
  • What lead you to music: For as long as I can remember I’ve just felt this urge to entertain, which lead me to playing with bands. The more I played the more I wanted to be able to play my own songs, and say what I had to say, which is what lead me to songwriting.
  • How old when you started: I was young enough that I was still fighting my mom about eating my vegetables.
  • Instruments played: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Saxophone.
  • How would you describe your sound: It’s like if classic country and pop country got together and wrote an album together, this would be the product.
  • Who inspires you: Literally everyone. I get inspiration from things that happen in my life as well as things I see happening in other peoples lives. Songwriters are always observing and always listening for that gem that drives us to write our next song.
  • Dream duet partner: Elton John and waterproof mascara because I would literally be crying the entire time.
  • All- time favorite country song: God Ain’t Gonna Getcha For That – Shania Twain
  • First country concert: Zac Brown Band
  • What songs do you like now on Country 102.5: More Hearts Than Mine – Ingrid Andress.
  • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: Probably hating my life to be honest. Just kidding (kinda), I’d probably be the first female player in the NHL and would obviously be playing for the B’s!
  • Day Job: Whenever I’m home and have extra time, I coach Axe Throwing.
  • Most proud moment: Being asked to play The Bluebird Café with one of country’s top writers
  • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: Honestly, playing The Bluebird Café. It was just such an honor to play at the mecca for songwriters with some of the top writers in the game. I still dream about it and wonder if it actually happened or not (don’t worry, I’ve checked a handful of times, it actually did happen)
  • Other things you like to do: Dancing and hiking
  • Fun facts: I can make the predator noise, I love (and am very snobby about) balsamic vinegar, I am a beast at mini golf.


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