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Coronavirus Updates

Brad Paisley has been using Zoom like the rest of the country during the COVID-19 pandemic to communicate with friends, family and fans and just last week he got involved in a drinking party with some famous pals.

Brad told us, “One of the things that’s so crazy are these drinking parties that people are having from their homes using technology to be together any way that they can. I was invited to one on Saturday night; I have friends in LA that we get together once a week, uh, I’ve got uh this thing Saturday it was University of Tennessee the next thing you know Peyton’s roped me into that, I roped Darius into that, Dan Patrick’s in there, Kevin Hart ends up in there, and it’s like so strange in such a way that we are connected in a way that we’ve never been.”

Paisley, who just released a song based on the pandemic called “No I In Beer” added, “One of the common denominators is alcohol, is the fact that beer sales, alcohol sales, are up like, I hear like, 60 percent or something ridiculous. And I get it, it’s like, people are utilizing this time to connect with people and to feel sort of solidarity as human beings in the face of this pandemic. And this song, which wasn’t written for this pandemic, but, it takes on new meaning for me when I hear it now, and I just feel like, ‘You know what, life sort of sucks right now in some ways and we gotta do what we can to get through this.'”

He concludes, “We’ve never felt this unified as Americans, as citizens of the world it’s in the fact that nobody loves what we’re going through but everybody’s willing to do what we have to do and one of those things is let’s be a team; let’s be a drinking team, and that’s what we are right now.”