Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

I am pregnant with baby #2! Wow, I can’t believe I am finally getting this news off my chest.

August of 2022 brought us the most precious gift we could ever imagine. We welcomed into the world our sweet baby boy, Barrett. His arrival filled our hearts with so much joy. It marked the beginning of an incredible journey into parenthood and forever partners. Now, as we fast forward to August once again, we find ourselves bubbling over with excitement to share another piece of wonderful news.

Ayla and new baby Barrett

This is my first born, Barrett. And this photo was taken on the second day of his life while we were in the hospital. He will be a big brother in May!

In August of this year, amidst the warmth of late summer days, my husband Rob and I discovered that our family was about to grow yet again. We are thrilled to announce that in May, we’ll be embracing the pitter-patter of tiny feet once more!

How We Are Feeling About The Pregnancy

The news of expanding our family fills us with so much happiness. With each passing day, our hearts swell with love, knowing that our home will soon be graced with even more laughter, love, and the sweet scent of new baby snuggles. I miss the baby snuggles. Barrett doesn’t like to snuggle with us anymore, so this will be nice to get the snuggles all over again.

As parents, we cherish every moment spent with Barrett so far. But the thought of him becoming a big brother fills us with pride beyond measure. Witnessing the bond that will undoubtedly blossom between our children is a joy we eagerly await. (Gosh, I hope they like each other!!)

We can’t wait for May to get here, and it will sooner than we know it!

  • Here's How I Finally Told Our Listeners....

    I finally told our listeners about baby #2. I snuck the pregnancy news into a blog post that I wrote about upgrading to a minivan. I figured it would be a sly way to share the news. If you want to read that blog, you can do that by clicking on the link below!

    My New Mom Car Will Take Care Of All ‘Bumps’ On And Off The Road
  • I ALMOST Made My Pregnancy Announcement On Halloween

    I almost made the announcement on Halloween, but I decided against it. For Halloween I dressed up as Cher and my plan was to write up an Instagram post, hold my little baby bump and say something clever like “I got you Babe(y).” Get it? Because that’s one of her songs, but I also have a baby growing in my belly. I hesitated sharing the news, because in the photo, it didn’t even look like I’m pregnant. But here’s the picture I was about to post on Halloween.

    Rob Bellamy, Ayla Brown and Barrett Bellamy on Halloween in costumes

    I almost shared the pregnancy news, but was barely showing a bump. I mean, come on, that would have been a major let down, right? Instead, I waited until right now! I am 25 weeks today.


  • What's The Baby's Due Date?

    It’s a little confusing, but stick with me here. Based on conception, our baby’s due date is May 17th. But after the baby’s anatomy ultrasound, the doctors said that baby #2 was on the bigger side and to expect an earlier delivery. As it stands right now, the baby’s due date is now May 12th. The best part about that day is that May 12th is Mother’s Day!

    Ayla Brown's baby #2 ultrasound picture

    This was taken during baby #2’s ultrasound. The doctors said that baby was registering on the larger scale so I might have an early delivery. Fun fact: They told me the same thing with our first born and he was a week late!

  • Can You Guess The Gender?

    My husband and I know what we are having, but we’d love to think what you think we are having! Do you think it’s another boy? Or do you think we are adding some feminine energy in the house and welcoming a girl? At some point I will share the gender on-air. Jonathan and Jim don’t know what the gender is yet, so they’ll find out for the first time as well!

    Ayla Brown's baby ultrasound side by side comparison

    On the left side is our first born son, Barrett. On the right side is baby #2. What do you think Do they look alike? What do you think the gender is?


  • This Is The First "Bump" Pic That Was Captured

    On December 16th I had a Christmas show at Hopkinton Center For The Arts and my belly was really bumping. I was so excited that someone took a photo of me holding my belly because I haven’t gotten any “official” bump photos. Here’s the only one that was snapped!

    Ayla Brown singing on stage holding her baby bump

    I was really popping at my Christmas show. I love this moment because I was holding my belly and talking about my pregnancy for the first time. It was a big moment!

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