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First Comes Love…

It truly is a gift when you find the right person… The one that you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life.
I was lucky when a friendship with a Nashville co-writer turned into a romantic relationship. We wrote about love, sang about it, and actually lived it.

Then Comes Marriage…

After 3.5 years Rob proposed to me on the cliffs of Martha’s Vineyard. You can hear all about it HERE! And, in August we got married in Newington, NH in front of our closest family and friends at a family friend’s home. It was outside, with an oldies band, food trucks, and beer kegs. It was a day that we will never forget!

The day after the wedding we went on a two-week honeymoon on the West Coast. We flew to Portland, OR and drove from Portland, all along the coast of Oregon and California to San Diego. It was a trip that I still sometimes fantasize about because it was so memorable! We saw the Redwood Forest, Big Sur, Napa Valley, coastal towns, and palm trees.

Then Comes A Baby…

I’m still pinching myself as I write these words…Rob and I are so excited to announce that we will be expecting a baby in late July or early August. (With my luck the baby will come on my birthday, July 28th!). If you follow astrology, you know there should only be ONE Leo in a room at a time!! 😉
All kidding aside, we don’t know the gender yet, but we are thrilled to find out what we are having at our 20-week ultrasound. I will make sure to keep you in the loop! Here are my personal photos of the pregnancy stick, when my husband found out about the pregnancy, the Onesie I bought my parents for Christmas, and the Ultrasound. And keep scrolling to hear about what we did on air!!

GALLERY: Ayla Brown Is Pregnant! (Personal Photos)

Since finding out I was pregnant there was nothing I wanted to do more than to tell my team on Country 102.5 the news. But I knew if I told them it would ruin the the most amazing surprise.

So instead, I came up with this crazy, drawn out plan to do a “cookie bake-off” so my co-host Jonathan and I could finally put to rest who makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies. (We are insanely competitive).

Producer Jim was our judge, but instead of giving him chocolate chip cookies as agreed upon, I gave him special cookies that I bought from Blackbird Baking Co. that had the pregnancy announcement on them!

The on-air reaction was PURE SHOCK!

Listen here:

Cookie Bake Off

Or watch the facebook snipit here so you can see their faces!

We’re excited to welcome the youngest member of the Jonathan and Ayla morning show! 👶🏻

Posted by Country 102.5 on Thursday, January 27, 2022