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Number of lottery wins: 9 Average rainfall: 47.7 Number of accidental deaths: 101 Happiness index: 56.85

Stores are running out of toilet paper, the stock market is draining our 401Ks, and traffic is the worst it’s ever been. Now, finally some GOOD news for us!

According to a new study conducted by Wallethub, a personal finance website, the Bay State is the best state for women! It’s Women’s History Month, so Wallethub went on the hunt to find the most friendly states for women, citing living standards like safety, earnings and health as key factors.

The study found that Massachusetts has the lowest unemployment rate, the best preventative healthcare and the lowest uninsured rate for women. But wait, there’s more. Reportedly, we also have the 2nd lowest female homicide rate, and the 5th highest women’s life expectancy after birth.

What about the rest of New England? Maine was close behind, ranking 4th! Connecticut ranked 8th, Rhode Island- 9th and Vermont- 10th in the study. New Hampshire was not far behind at 13th.



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