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There’s a lot of buzz (pardon the pun) behind this new single… and this new artist! You can bank on Mitchell Tenpenny (sorry, did it again) being one of country’s biggest artists in the next few years. He’s got the voice, the storytelling skills, a unique sound and an incredible work ethic. This Sony Nashville recording artist has released a brand new single from his debut album, Telling All My Secrets. It’s a follow up to his first number 1 hit, “Drunk Me.” The song is a clever tongue and cheek ditty Mitchell wrote based on one line he heard at a bar. He explains the story behind, “Alcohol You Later.”

Check out this acoustic version of “Alcohol You Later”

Mitchell Tenpenny - Alcohol You Later (Acoustic)

Listen to tracks including "Alcohol You Later" from Mitchell Tenpenny's upcoming debut album, 'Telling All My Secrets', now: Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon: iTunes: Youtube: Official Store: All Retailers: Keep up with Mitchell, here: Official website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Get fitted with M10 merch:


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