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EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 17: Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio arrives at Home restaurant during his first visit on November 17, 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Oscar winning actor is in Edinburgh to speak at the Scottish Business Awards at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

We’ve all been hearing about how half of Hollywood has been cast in a new movie called, Don’t Look Up. 

You’ve also likely heard it’s been filming in and around Boston, and pretty much all over Massachusetts from Worcester to Weymouth, Canton to Norton, Salisbury to Fall River. (And btw, they are still filming)

Now, Netflix is giving us a sneak peek at the film starring (taking a breath here)… Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Chris Evans, Timothee Chalamet, Matthew Perry, Tyler Perry, Ron Perlman, Tomer Sisley, Ariana Grande and Himesh Patel. (I’m sure I’ve left someone out, forgive me if I did. It’s a lot)

So, all eyes on this quick trailer…

The Adam McKay comedy is set to make it’s debut later this year, and stars DiCaprio and Lawrence as lower-level astronomers who launch a massive media tour to warn the world about a comet that is approaching earth and will destroy the planet. Comedy? Hmmm. Still… the cast, and the location!


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