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The song, on it’s own is moving.

Put those words, and this voice, to stirring images and stories, and the result is nothing short of powerful!

Watch Grammy winning artist Jennifer Nettles’ important new song, “I Can Do Hard Things”

Jennifer Nettles

Sometimes I get down so low, but that don't mean I can't rise above it... #ICanDoHardThings

Nettles is still part of Sugarland, but released this solo project on Friday, hoping to inspire and call to action. She told PEOPLE that the song’s powerful message also touches on lessons she’s absorbed as a mother. She explained, “In the second verse, I talk about becoming a mother and what a major learning curve that was. I say in that verse, ‘I’ve gained joy that I’ve never learned but lost the lightness of when I was a girl,’ and that is because you have two hearts. You’re heavier when you are carrying around an extra heart that you are responsible for.”

In the video, seven women share their journeys of hardship to serve as inspiration to other women. And Jennifer Nettles says, there is more to come “What we found is there are so many fantastic stories. This is just the beginning of the conversation.”

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