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Morgan Wallen’s Song Is A Lullaby

Babies falling asleep. It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, right? Some babies fall asleep to a sound machine. Other babies don’t need anything. And then this baby from Plaistow, NH just needs a little Morgan Wallen to calm down.

There a reason why seven-month-old, Steele, relaxes to, “Thought You Should Know,” by Morgan Wallen. Songs that are composed of slow and calming melodies have a soothing effect on our eardrums. Slow-tempo music has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure. That helps calm the body and mind. That’s why lullabies are so popular in a nursery playlist.

Morgan Wallen’s song, “Thought You Should Know” has all the melodic components of being considered a lullaby. The instrumentation alone puts you in a trance from the second the song starts. Morgan’s voice is smooth and rounded as he delivers the beautifully emotional tune.

“Thought You Should Know” was written by Morgan Wallen, Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon. It’s Morgan’s sixth #1 song on the Billboard Hot Country Charts. This was Miranda Lambert‘s first #1 as a songwriter on someone else’s song.

Morgan Wallen’s Song Makes Baby Steele Calm

Jamie Paolini wrote to me and told me that her baby, Steele, loves Morgan Wallen’s song. She sent me this video as proof! In the video there’s a happy birthday song playing in the background. Steele is crying (he’s teething). Then Jamie plays Morgan Wallen’s “Thought You Should Know,” and baby Steele calms right down. Jamie says that every night at dinner time their family dances to this song. Sometimes she even sings it to him. Whenever Steele is in a “funky” mood they play that song. There was even a day when they had it on repeat the entire way home.

I guess it’s true that even babies love Morgan Wallen!

Video of Steele Hearing “Thought You Should Know”

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