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Surprised girl discovering her husband is cheating with another woman at home

Should I Leave My Cheating Husband Even Though He’s An Amazing Father?

Sherry recently found out that her husband has been having a long term affair with another woman for over five years. She feels betrayed and shocked because she thought her marriage was going really well. Her initial reaction was to leave him. But everything else in the marriage is great and he is an amazing father to her children. Should she try to get past the affair and try to make the marriage work? Or is it time to call it quits?

Here’s Sherry’s Call About Her Husband, The “Amazing Father”


Jonathan: Today for the panic button. We have Sherry. Hey, Sherry.

Sherry: Hi.

Jonathan: Kind of a serious one we got today.

Sherry: Oh, yeah.

Jonathan: This is a little bit different. What’s going on there, Sherry?

Sherry: Well, the thing is, I’ve been married about 12 years, and,my husband is a nice guy. He’s the best father ever. Amazing father. He does everything with our eight year old, from coaching to reading to him at night. He picks him up at school, which is a pain I know for anybody. And he’s just always there. He’s never even yelled at our son. He’s just there.

Jonathan: Like a best buddy.

Sherry: Good dad. Yeah.

Ayla: You know that’s awesome.

Sherry: He’s a great dad. The problem for me, which is a big problem, is I recently found out he’s been cheating on me. And not for just a little time. Not like a one night stand or anything. It’s been about 5 or 6 years.

Ayla: Wow

Sherry: And it’s hard for me because he’s such a good father to my son. I’m just I’m torn apart. He knows I know when he sees me. Oh, it’s over, it’s over, you know. But I’m so hurt.

Ayla: Oh, Sherry.

Sherry: I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do. I’m betwixt and between. You know? He’s a great dad. And we has a great relationship, until I found out. But it’s such a betrayal.

Jonathan: It’s almost worse that your relationship was so good.

Ayla: What is your relationship with your son? Good.

Sherry: Yeah.

Jonathan: You had no idea.

Sherry: I don’t know if he’s just a good actor.

Ayla: Right.

Sherry: It’s just that he’s been carrying on and for that many years on top of it, it’s a lie. Is he a good father because he’s overcompensating. I need help.

Jonathan: Should you stay together for the kid is basically what you’re asking.

Ayla: That’s kind of what I’m hearing, right? Because he’s a great dad.

Sherry: Yes

Ayla: And how many relationships have two parents where one has done something like cheating or gambled away money or whatever the situation might be. And they stay together because they have a young child? Is that the best thing to do? You’re a product of a divorced right?

Jonathan: Yeah, but my parents did get divorced till I was older.

Ayla: Haven’t you said you wish they got divorced earlier?

Jonathan: Yeah, I have said that. But my dad wasn’t like this. My dad wasn’t very present. He ironically was my little league coach, but that was like the extent of it. He was not very present. He worked afternoons and nights. I didn’t see him that much other than the couple days that he had off a week.

Ayla: It’s tough.

Jonathan: That’s Sherry’s problem. She is married to a guy who she found out has been cheating on her for six years. Covered it up completely. I don’t want to go into how you found out, but you said you had no idea until you found out about it.

Sherry: Yeah, I had no idea. I happened to on his phone see a file in notes. And then I found all these names in it

Ayla: So I wouldn’t be able to continue with the marriage. But that’s just me.

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