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Todd Angilly (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Have you ever had a dream of singing at Gillette or maybe the Garden? Well in my singing career I’ve had the honor of singing at both of those places, but I was in high school or college when I got that opportunity.

Ayla Brown (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

But Beckett Guest is only 10 years old and his biggest dream is to sing the National Anthem at a Bruins game someday.

His mom reached out to me and shared his video and this boy has pipes!

Here’s a little information about this 10 year old singing sensation….

Beckett is in 5th grade in Gloucester and he’s one of those cool kids that does sports and music. As you can see in the video, he sings the Anthem fully dressed in his hockey gear before games, and then takes the ice as the goalie for his Squirt 4 hockey team with Cape Ann Youth Hockey.

But when he’s not in hockey gear, he’s on stage at places like the Neverland Theatre and North Shore Music Theatre.

Beckett is now known from his friends (and new fans) as the singing goalie, and his goal is to be just like Bruins own Anthem singer, Todd Angilly, and he has some big shoes to fill!

But I know that if we share Beckett’s video maybe he could have the chance to fill in for Todd if he’s ever sick…or maybe he’d get to sing at a Patriots or Celtics game someday?

The video of him singing in his goalie uniform has already reached 22,000 views on Facebook Live, prompting his family to start a facebook and Instagram page for the singing goalie. (Facebook  // Instagram)

Beckett’s favorite country song is Dive bar by Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton and he and his family listen to Country 102.5 every morning!

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