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Nights like this don’t happen often. Emotions ran wild and free at the TD Garden last night. Sure, hockey is a passionate sport. But this was on a whole other level.

The boys of black and gold warmed up in special lavender jerseys and used lavender stick tape, a color that represents cancer awareness. The evening was dubbed, Hockey Fights Cancer Night, and Bruins fans had the opportunity to show love and support for those people in the lives who have fought or are fighting cancer.

But the evening belonged to a 3 year old boy from Weymouth who has captured all of our hearts. Affectionately known as “The Mighty Quinn,” Quinn Waters has been battling  a medulloblastoma Grade IV brain tumor since a day after he turned 3. Last February, there was a 10 hour surgery for Quinn, followed by chemo and blood and platelet transfusions. That’s a lot for anyone to handle, let alone a toddler!

We all came to know and love The Mighty Quinn when local news channels and social media introduced us to the boy behind the window. He was forced to watch the world go by there,  from his home in Weymouth, because his immune system greatly compromised. What followed was incredibly heartwarming. People from all over came to visit Quinn in his window.


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The Boston Bruins’ Charlie Coyle, who is also from Weymouth, visited Quinn in August, and a bond was formed.


Last night, The Mighty little one was invited to drop the ceremonial puck at the Bruins vs. Sharks game at the TD Garden, on Hockey Fights Cancer Night. And the floodgates of emotions opened wide!

But wait, grab a tissue. There’s more! Apparently Quinn asked Charlie, to score for him last night. According to the Bruins, Coyle said, ” (Quinn) told me to score one for him, so that worked out nicely.  He brought a little luck for me and the team.”

Our Boston Bruins certainly know how to fight, but we all learned a lesson in true strength and the power of love last night.  Thanks to a three year old.


I feel incredibly lucky to have been there.

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