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Lady A just announced that they’ll be postponing their 21 date tour which was set to kick off on August 13th. In a statement the band says “we are a band but more importantly we’re family. We’re proud to say that Charles has embarked on a journey to sobriety. Lady A will take the time with the support of our families and team of professionals to walk through this together.”

I’d like to take a couple minutes to speak out in support of Charles Kelley.

Hi. I’m Jackson Blue. I’m on the radio at Country 102.5 every afternoon from 2-7pm. I stopped drinking a year and 8 months ago. It wasn’t easy. At times it still isn’t easy. When I stopped drinking it was because of a medication my doctor was thinking about putting me on to help with my newly diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis. She asked me “do you think you could stop drinking?” That was a damn big question which I wasn’t expecting. It sounds weird but I always considered drinking to be a large part of me. When I had a couple drinks I lit up, I became the life of the party, people enjoyed being around me. I felt like my creativity was connected to my drinking. I always felt like if I stopped drinking my creativity might go along with it. Working in a creativity-based field made that very scary to me.

I had always thought of slowing down or quitting drinking. Being a good dad and a present family guy is really the most important thing to me. If I lost everything else I know I’d be ok if I still have my family. This made me want to quit – the thought of my kids being embarrassed by something I did while buzzed gives me anxiety – but every time I tried to slow down I’d hit a bump and fall right back into my cycle. However when my doctor asked if I could stop, something clicked in my brain and it all came together.

When I first stopped I felt like a misfit toy. I felt like something was wrong with me. Nights without a drink were weird. Weekends without a drink were really weird. But the more I’ve done it, the more it’s become normal. Not drinking has gone from a weakness… to a strength. My creativity isn’t gone. In fact, it has grown a ton. I now have a clarity I haven’t really had before.

So to Charles Kelley from Lady A – what a monsterly huge first step you’ve made. I’m sure you’re nervous. I know you’re getting so much support but I bet you’re still nervous. You can do it. It’s not going to be easy – especially in the field you’re in. There are open bars literally everywhere! But I really think you’ll feel what I have felt. First it will feel like you’re an alien not drinking but eventually it can become your strength. I’m still not sure if I’m finished drinking forever. At this point I hope so… but we all have hiccups and if it happens I’ll regroup, take it from there, and do my best. That’s all we can do, right?

I’m proud of you doing this – and doing this publicly. It’s a scary first step, but you got this!

And to my drinking friends, no disrespect to you. I still love partying with y’all… my cup’s just filled with water so when I hit the bathroom 14 times a night, you’ll know why. TMI?

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