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Congratulations Kenny! We were definitely missing Kenny Chesney and it shows as his ‘Here And Now Tour’ is officially his highest-grossing tour ever. Data just came out showing that Kenny sold over 1.2 million tickets on the tour, more than he has during any other tour over his 28 year career so far.

The ‘Here And Now Tour’ started in Tampa, Florida where it immediately began breaking records. It obviously wrapped up at Gillette Stadium where we hope he plays every year forever and ever amen.

Congratulations again Kenny, keep it comin’!

And while we’re talkin’ Kenny Chesney… did you know these 10 lesser-known Kenny factoids?:

10 Things You Might Not Already Know About Kenny Chesney

We all love Kenny Chesney. But did you know these 10 random interesting facts about Kenny?

  • His favorite cheat meal is grilled cheese with....

    EXTRA SALT!! He obviously eats right (just look at him) but when he’s not eating carrot sticks and egg whites he loves a cheat meal of grilled cheese with extra salt. I’ve never heard anyone adding the extra salt but then again I’ve never asked, so…..

  • He's not a big fan of his middle name.

    Kenneth Arnold Chesney. He’s not too keen on that middle part but thankfully it’s just a middle name and hasn’t hindered him one bit. Plus it’s Schwarzenegger-and-Gary-Coleman approved!


  • He showers 3 times a day.

    The man is clean! Kenny says he showers 3 times a day, every day, because he hates feeling sticky. So if you’ve ever wondered why that Kenny concert you went to smelled like Irish Spring, now you know.

  • He started losing his hair at age 17.

    Kenny isn’t self-conscious of his bald head but that wasn’t always the case. His hair started thinning when he was 17 years-old. He told Parade Magazine in 2010, “What’s ironic about it is that friends of mine in their 30s and 40s are just starting to lose their hair and are freaking out. I went through all that in high school.”


  • He treats his people right.

    Kenny knows the value of the people who work for him, regular showering them with gifts of appreciation like his yearly tradition of an all-expenses-paid trip to the Virgin Islands for everyone on his crew, plus their families. Can Team Kenny be my side hustle please?

  • He majored in advertising in college.

    Kenny went to college at Eastern Tennessee State University where he majored in…. advertising! However right after getting his degree he set off to Nashville to start becoming the Kenny Chesney we know today. Hey if the whole music career doesn’t work out he can always come be a salesperson at Country 102.5. Just kidding obvs.


  • He channeled his inner Lance Armstrong.

    After his breakup with Renee Zellweger loooooonnnnggg ago Kenny says he leaned into his treadmill and basically wore that sucker out. Then he got inspired by Lance Armstrong and switched things over to cycling.

  • His favorite 2 songs to sing in concert are......

    “Young” and “I Go Back.” Kenny says he loves the energy he gets back from the audience every time during these 2 songs.

  • His favorite Kenny singalong song is.....

    “American Kids.” He loves hearing your voices loud during this one so belt it out and make Kenny happy!

  • He wrote his first song to get a girl.

    Unfortunately it didn’t work, she just nodded semi-approvingly. But don’t worry, I think Kenny has gotten over it and is doing juuuuussssttt fine nowadays. LOL