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The last time this home was on the market was 1696. I feel like I just made a typo but nope, that’s correct. 326 years ago Peter the Great was a world leader. Could you imagine anybody actually going by any first name with “the Great” tacked on after it nowadays? Kanye might go for it… but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t catch on. Anyway, back to the house.

It’s located at 99 Sudbury Road in Concord, MA and it’s been in the same family for over 300 years but now the home, and a large chunk of history, is up for grabs. That is, up for grabs for anybody who has $1.695 million ready to plop on a house. The property sits on 0.69 acres and is protected through Historic New England’s Preservation Easement Program so updates will need to be approved. The home still has it’s original pine plank floors but the kitchen has been updated… in the 1950’s – which considering the age of the home is actually very modern.

It’s a very attractive 4,510 square foot brick red house boasting 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a two car garage, and probably 100 ghosts. Want to check the listing out? BOOM.

Also – extra bonus: Concord is nowhere on the following list of “crashiest” towns/roads in Massachusetts so YAY!:

These 12 Spots Have the Most Car Accidents in Massachusetts

Buckle Up, Bay State – especially if you’re driving in these 12 locations. (PS – ALWAYS buckle up obviously!) According to new info released by MassDOT these are the 12 “crashiest” spots in Massachusetts – that is, the locations that have had the most car accidents. I lived very near #1 on the list and let me tell you, they ain’t kiddin’! Drive safe out there!