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There’s no denying that Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. He brought Pats fans so much joy and celebration over his 20 seasons with the team. And now one of those fans is suing him.

No, it’s not break-up syndrome brought on by being dumped for Tampa Bay. It’s because of those 3 letters you’ve seen all over the news: FTX.

Michael Livieratos has been a die-hard (is it really a Christmas movie?) Patriots fan for most of his 56 years. Tom Brady was his favorite player. He trusted Tom Brady. So when Brady publicly endorsed the now-bankrupt firm FTX, Livieratos was quick to invest $30,000. If you didn’t pick up the subtle hint in the last sentence things didn’t go to well; see “the now-bankrupt firm FTX.” So Livieratos called Judge Judy and filed suit. OK, it wasn’t Judge Judy but it sounded good for a sec. Maybe it was Judge Mathis, who knows? Bottom line, Michael Livieratos, lifelong Patriots fan, is suing his hero Tom Brady.

While we’re talking Pats fans, here’s a bunch of celebrities who love the Patriots too… but they’re not suing Tom Brady…….. yet.