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I’m sitting here actually wishing I was some sort of animal that Taylor Swift found cute so she’d adopt me after seeing how much her CAT is worth. I’m not talking about being set because Taylor Swift basically has her own economy, the cat itself is worth beaucoup de bucks! How much? We’ll get to that in a sec.

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan you’re probably familiar with her feline friend Olivia Benson. Well, according to The Ultimate Pet Rich List of 2022, Olivia Benson, the Scottish fold that the singer has owned since 2014, is the #3 biggest money-making pet of 2022 with a net worth of $97 Million. This makes me feel severely underpaid.

Olivia has made her money by starring alongside her owner in several music videos, crafting her own merchandise line, and by having cameos in many big-budget ads, including for Diet Coke and Ned Sneakers.

The 2 pets who have a higher net worth are Nala Cat (a cat influencer megastar) who is worth $100 million and Gunther VI, a german shepherd worth $500 million. Gunthers I through V must be so jealous post-mortem.