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If this isn’t the most Boston case of Boston being Boston I don’t know what is. And just wait until the non-New-Englanders get a load of this: Boston will officially recognize January 15th, this year and every year following, as “Chowda Day.” That’s right, not Chowder Day — “Chowda Day.”

Pardon me while I go pahk my cah by the yahd real quick.

“Chowda Day” started as a yearly celebration made up by Legal Seafood. Now the holiday is moving from “made up” to “real.” Boston City Council President Ed Flynn said in a press release, “We are thrilled to officially proclaim Jan. 15 as ‘Chowda Day. Legal Sea Foods has been a tremendous advocate for the City of Boston, giving back in various city-wide charitable initiatives over the decades, and we are excited to honor them with this special recognition.”

So where can you get the best chowda in Boston? Let’s dive in (YUM!):