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“I Love You, You Love Me, we’re a happy family with a great big huuu…” oh pardon me, I got carried away. That song is my jam. Barney, like everything from our past, is being rebooted! The official word came from toy-maker Mattel that a Barney reboot is on the way in 2024. Since Mattel is spearheading the reboot you can safely assume we’ll get some sort of Barney toyline as well.

Mattel hopes to woo the original fans of Barney to watch again, but this time with little ones of their own. In case you’re wondering, sorry but Selena Gomez won’t be a cast member this time around. We don’t have many additional details. We don’t know what network or streaming platform will be home to the giant purple dinosaur. We don’t know if he’ll still have that super pukey voice (but I’ll bet $5 that he does!). All we do know is that Barney will now be CGI… and that he will look like this:

On a scale of 0-10, let us know what you think?
I’ll give it a 6. I don’t hate it. I miss the live-action Barney but I always wanted to beat him up so him being an animation calms those urges in my body so that ain’t all bad.
I’m thinking most people hate it way more than me however.

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