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Have you ever been banned from an establishment? Thankfully I’ve never been but I’ve known plenty of friends who had a bad night out and ended up with a ban laid on them. I know they didn’t like it much… and I’m sure the under-16 crowd isn’t too pleased about this: they’ve been banned from eating inside Chick-fil-A. So now they have to remember TWO rules: 1) fight that Sunday craving because you can’t have those Chicky Nuggz on Sundays and 2) get it to go!!

To be clear, this isn’t all Chick-fil-A’s. In fact, it’s only one Chick-fil-A franchise located in Royersford, Pennsylvania. The restaurant has banned kids under 16 from inside dining because of poor behavior from a number of children who had been dropped off at a local bounce park and then walked over. Now not just the kids in question but all kids under 16 are feeling the ban. They can still eat in-restaurant when accompanied by an adult.

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