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Let me start by saying that when I saw news that Netflix will be releasing a docuseries on the Boston Marathon bombing I felt pretty uncomfortable and not right about it. As someone who has worked on Boston radio for about 20 years and loves this city so much – it still feels too soon to me, although the docuseries will be released close to the 10 year anniversary of the bombings.

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing is a 3-part docuseries that will be released on April 12th on Netflix.

Executive producer Tiller Russell says of the project, “The Boston Marathon Bombing is an iconic and tragic event in American history that preyed on our deepest fears and inspired acts of profound courage and heroism, and this series is an attempt to memorialize what happened and why so that we can learn from it as a society 10 years after it first shocked and riveted the world. It’s been 10 years, but to this day, most people don’t really know what exactly happened that week and, most importantly, why. Why would anyone do such a horrific thing? By diving into firsthand accounts of survivors, law enforcement, and those who knew the bombers, we hope to bring a conclusive perspective to the event.”

After reading the EP’s comments I’m hesitantly optimistic. But the wounds still feel fresh 10 years later so I’m not sure I’ll make it through all three episodes – but I guess I’ll start it when it comes out and see what happens. Also – I haven’t seen anything about any money made from this project going to any charities connected to the Marathon or the victims and/or their families. I personally hope that is an element they included. How do you feel about Netflix doing a docuseries on the bombings? Let us know in the comments.