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After over a decade, justice has finally been served in the case of Todd Lampley’s murder. The shocking crime took place in the bedroom of a Massachusetts home on February 27, 2011. At the time, police recovered shell casings, a cellphone, and an unusual piece of evidence – a sweet potato – outside the bedroom window.

Now twelve years later, Devarus Hampton has been arrested and charged with murder and assault with a dangerous weapon. What was instrumental in finally cracking the case? The DNA left on that sweet potato. Investigators believe that the potato was used as a silencer to muffle the sound of gunshots. This idea may have come from an episode of the popular TV show The Wire, which featured a similar scene.

In addition to the DNA evidence, phone records and location data from a GPS monitoring bracelet placed Hampton near the scene of the crime. The phone found at the scene was registered to a character from The Wire, adding another bizarre connection to the popular show.

It’s not clear why there was a delay in arresting Hampton, but officials have confirmed that he pleaded not guilty to the charges on Monday and has an April 5 court date. This case serves as a reminder that even the most unusual pieces of evidence can play a crucial role in solving crimes.