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You can’t just get anything as a vanity license plate. Hundreds of proposed vanity license plates are denied every years for various reasons – most of which are because they are vulgar or just inappropriate. You can check out some plates that Mass gave the ol’ heave-ho-veto to down below.

Peter Starostecki loves tofu. Like loves loooovvvveeesss it. So much so that he wanted to profess his love publicly on his license plate. He decided to pay the extra fee for a vanity plate and his request was granted. Peter drove around Maine for a period of time, proudly displaying his “LUVTOFU” license plate. Harmless, right? Well… look at it again. “LUVTOFU” obviously represents “love tofu.”

Maine drivers noticed something else – some laughed, some gasped at “LUVTOFU.” Let’s space those words differently: “love to f u.” Get it now?

The state has reclaimed the accidentally vulgar plates and tofu-loving Peter ain’t happy. He has filed multiple appeals but all have been rejected so far.