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When looking at this weekend’s three sold out Taylor Swift shows at Gillette Stadium an old Sesame Street song comes to mind:

Also this one from Meatloaf:

Or, to quote Taylor’s own song “Fearless,” “And I don’t know why, but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless.”

It’s looking more and more like Friday and Sunday will be weather wins at Gillette Stadium for Taylor Swift while Saturday you’ll be feeling “Fearless” in the rain. And while I’m sure this comes as a major disappointment for anyone who dished out beaucoup de bucks for their Saturday tickets, I would argue that maybe it’s not such a bad thing… if you keep an open mind.

If we learn from history and go back in time to June of 2011, Taylor Swift was at Gillette for her “Speak Now World Tour” and guess what? The sky opened something furious! It rained cats and dogs but no rain feline stopped the fun!! That’s one of the most remembered concerts to many Taylor Swift fans – because it was so different! Every audience member is in that situation together. And guess who else is in that exact same situation with you? Taylor Swift! The photos from that 2011 Taylor Gillette show are unforgettable, adding to an already tremendously memorable day/night.

So even though you may be getting some pruney fingers on Saturday, at least you’ll get pruney fingers while jamming out to Taylor Swift!! At Gillette Stadium!! Throw on a garbage bag with a hole cut out for your head, go, and make some memories!!

By the way I just asked Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz from Boston 25 News for a statement about Saturday and this is why he is the man: “Steady rain is likely to fall during the show. If that has you seeing Red, just Shake It Off and have a great time.” *mic drop*

Let’s look back at all the other times Taylor hit Gillette Stadium! We definitely have some rich history together:

Taylor Swift: The Gillette Stadium Eras