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By KPG Ivary/Shutterstock

The death of a loved one is always extremely sad, but the death of a baby or child is so very heartbreaking.

Recently, country star Aaron Watson opened up about losing his infant daughter shortly after her arrival into this world.

Julia Grace passed away on October 10, 2011. Prior to her passing, Aaron and his wife Kim received devastating news while Julia was still in-utero.

Julia was diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder while still inside the womb. And while the odds of survival were about 50 percent, Aaron and Kim hoped for the best throughout the pregnancy.

Instagram posts were published on Aaron Watson’s account and his wife’s account regarding the anniversary of Julia’s passing.

Kim admitted that losing their infant daughter was the couple’s worst nightmare, but what helped get them through the difficult time was their unwavering faith in god.

Aaron’s Instagram spoke of how life is fragile, and how he will see Julia again one day.

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