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Dreams come true, even for those you think have achieved all their dreams! Wednesday night Carrie Underwood was Cinderella living in Disneyland At the 52 CMA Awards show on ABC, she pulled off another outstanding co-hosting gig with her partner-in-crime, Brad Paisley, took home one of the nights biggest awards, and turned in a breathtaking performance of “Love Wins.” And let’s not forgot the wardrobe changes…11 from red carpet to post awards. That deserves a standing ovation, especially for her advanced state of pregnancy. She had to have had a wardrobe pit crew to help.

The next day Carrie posted an emotional thank you and expressed her sincere appreciation to be able to live out her dreams. She included pictures of the evening and one from home that will steal your heart.

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Son Isaiah was home watching mommy and couldn’t help but be moved by her performance. Seriously, this one turns me into putty!

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood added a new photo.

Her wardrobe selections were… perfection!

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