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Sometimes only a few words are needed to stir up a healthy batch of emotions. Today, country star Morgan Evans, shared the most  beautiful, simple and concise post on Instagram, in support of his wife, Kelsea Ballerini.

He’s not just a husband, he’s a fan…and it’s fantastically charming!

Kelsea dropped a new single today called, “Homecoming Queen?,” which you’ve likely heard by now on Country 1025. If not, tune in and you will! It’s been a minute since her last single, and fans have been clamoring for new music. The wait was worth it. This could be the song that puts Kelsea in a whole new stratosphere. It’s incredibly vulnerable and exposes a more modest artist. Truths are revealed and Kelsea effectively delivers the message that it’s important for people to express the imperfections of life, not just the Instagrammable ideal.

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