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Last week Tim McGraw posted a couple of photos on Instagram revealing a recent family dinner. But it wasn’t any old family dinner… Everyone was in on a theme night dinner. Tim, Faith, Gracie, Maggie and Audrey all donned Game of Thrones costumes and nailed it!

Tim posted, “So we had a “Game of Thrones” themed dinner at home with the kiddos
Merry Christmas!”

Kudos to the McGraws for getting creative and making staying home (again) for dinner fun! Apparently Tim loves the holiday season and every year he and wife, Faith Hill, totally get into decking their halls and singing carols. This year, they stepped up their game, because of the pandemic and decided to have themed dinner nights with their girls.

They are truly an inspiration to all of us, to get more creative at home.

BTW, not sure if you saw this… but Tim has got something musical in the works too! Can’t wait to hear this collaboration.



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