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Some people have all the talents.

Comedian, actor, writer and artist Kevin Nealon is one of those people. Most of us know him from his days on Saturday Night Live, or from the Happy Gilmore movies and the Showtime Series, Weeds. 

In recent years, Kevin has been gaining fans for his YouTube series, “Hiking with Kevin,” where he interviews celebs as they hike in the woods. But did you know he’s an accomplished caricature artist?

Take a look at a recent piece of art.

My friend Kevin Nealon is an incredible caricature artist. He usually only draws ultra-cool people.But he made an exception…#honored?

Posted by Brad Paisley on Monday, September 6, 2021

Spot on, right?


Check out some more of this Connecticut artist’s work HERE! 

I mean… just spot-on works of art!


Back in 2017 Kevin hiked with Brad

'Hiking with Kevin' and Brad Paisley

'Hiking with Kevin' and Brad Paisley - chats about snacks, first kiss, what upsets his wife, biggest influence, regrets and owls. #hikingwithkevin

Posted by Kevin Nealon on Thursday, October 5, 2017

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